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Sharpening Stones


Honing strop, 4-sided

Product details

Honing strop, four-sided, 3 sides leather, 1 side honing stone


Honing strop, 2-sided

Product details

Honing strop, two-sided, 1 side leather, 1 side honing stone


Paste for honing strop

Product details

Paste for honing strop


Belgian crumbs, natural grinding stone

Product details

Natural grinding stone „Belgian Crumb“ extra fine, in plastic pouch

Available in the following Sizes:

No. 3 (3702003), No. 5 (3702005), No. 6 (3702006)

This honing set consists of a 100ml plastic bottle with special oil which is matched to the honing to achieve the best possible results. The enclosed honing stone consists of 2 different grains (blue = coarse / white = fine).


Set of 4 Arkansas Sharpening Stones

Product details

Sharpening stone set made of natural Arkansas, for use with oil, with four different shapes for honing also the insides of carving tools, in display box


Natural Vulcan Sharpening Stone

Product details

Natural VULKAN sharpening stone, very fine stone for use with oil, for fine grinding and honing. The slate side below is also suitable for coarse pre-grinding with water, in plastic pouch

Available in the following Sizes:

4 (3705004), 5 (3705005), 6 (3705006)


Arkansas Sharpening Stone

Product details

Natural ARKANSAS sharpening stone, oil stone, especially for quick honing, in wooden box. Size: 100x50 mm


Water Sharpening Stone

Product details

Water sharpening stone, for general use, in plastic pouch

Available in the following Sizes:

2 (3707002), 3 (3707003), 4 (3707004), 5 (3707005), 6 (3707006)


Special Honing Oil

Product details

Special honing oil for use with the different sharpening stones. It keeps metal particles from glazing the stone. Bottle of 100 ml in plastic bottle.
This product can only be purchased within Germany.

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