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»TWO CHERRIES« Innovations

Item no: 3307000
Set of carving knives in Verloursleather bag

Set of carving knives in Verloursleather bag, 3 pieces, each consisting of a carving knife with double-sided, curved edge (no. 3353000), a small blade, skew edge, for intarsia (no. 3356000) and a straight edge with round neck (no. 3358000). All knives have a hornbeam handle and are made of special carbon steel. They have a hardness of 59 - 61 HRc and are delivered pre-sharpened. Before the first use they should be sharpened with a whetstone to get their final sharpness.

Our tools are made from a carbon tool steel and not from stainless material. This means that the tools are naturally subject to corrosion. With these tools, corrosion can already occur through hand perspiration or fluctuations in humidity. For this reason, we recommend that all our customers clean the tools after use or during storage with a cloth lightly soaked in oil. This light film of oil can prevent corrosion.

Item no: 1107000
Dovetail chisel set in wooden box

Dovetail chisel set with dark stained + oiled white beech handle in dark stained wooden box 6 - 10 - 12 - 16 - 20 - 26 mm

"KIRSCHEN" chisels are forged by hand from special tool steel with high carbon content. With a hardness of ± HRc 61 over the entire useful length of the blade, they are well above DIN.

The gouges are manufactured with a cutting angle of 20° and a pre-cutting edge of 25°. The side flanks have an angle of 20° and are therefore prepared for all possible types of dovetails. The mirror side has a roughness depth of Ra 0.35 - 0.45 and the flatness across the width is 8µ.

We recommend to clean the tools after use with a cloth slightly soaked in oil to prevent corrosion.

Item no: 4003120
Draw-knife, high polished, straight

This high polished draw-knife impresses not only by its appearance and the easier gliding through the wood due to this surface - but also by its short construction. It is versatile and ideally suited for work on small workpieces, especially in sculpture, carving and bow making. The cutting edge is made of high-quality tool steel in the usual "KIRSCHEN" quality and is hardened to 61 HRc. It is delivered to you with a length of approx. 120 mm and a blade thickness of 4 mm as well as a bevel of 25° ready for use. To protect the blade and the surface, the draw-knife is delivered in a protective cover made of velour leather and can thus be stored safely. The elaborate polishing of the surface makes this short draw-knife an eye-catcher and perfect aid for fine work.

Item no: 3824
Cabinet scraper blade set with scraper burnisher in Velours-Leather-Wallet

Cabinet scraper blade set with scraper burnisher 4-piece consisting of 1 each Square 150x60x0,8 mm, Hollow and round 0,8 mm, Swan neck, 0,8 mm and round scraper burnisher in Velours-Leather-Wallet.

Item no: 3712
Gauge for measuring cutting angle of
firmer chisels and carving chisels

  • The gauge is made of stainless steel
  • The edges are slightly rounded to protect the tool
  • It has 4-way angles for firmer chisels, carving chisels and plane irons:
  • 17° for soft wood (standard angle for carving chisels)
  • 20° for medium-hard wood
  • 25° for hard wood (standard angle for firmer chisels)
  • 27° for very hard wood
  • The round hole at the end of the recess prevents the cutting edge from touching the gauge during the test procedure
  • A permanent marking has been applied by a laser that does not fade even after frequent use of the gauge
  • The large opening at the end of the gauge can be used as a bottle opener
  • For safe storage of the gauge, a high quality leather case is included

Item no: 3823
Cabinet Scraper Set of 3pcs. in Velours-Leather-Wallet

Cabinet Scraper Set of 3pcs.consisting of 1 each
Square 150x60x0,8 mm
Hollow and round, 0,8 mm
Swan neck, 0,8 mm
in Velours-Leather-Wallet

New »TWO CHERRIES« Handles

For decades, we have been providing the handles of our chisels with a lacquer coating. Thus, no moisture penetrates into the wood and the handles remains in a faultless condition for a very long time.

Thanks to a new technology, we have recently been able to significantly reduce the lacquer application while at the same time protecting the handles just as well as before.

For us, it is particularly important that you will be able to see and feel the wood of your chisel handle even more directly in the future. The new finish feels particularly natural and is even better in the hand. Best conditions for working with our chisels. The reactions of woodworking professionals from all over the world have inspired us so far, and we hope that this innovation will soon be a good thing for you.

By the way: The reduction of the lacquer application and the new formula also conserve the natural resources and thus the environment.

Top products German quality.

Most tools of our brand »TWO CHERRIES« carry our label marking them as a top product of German quality. Starting January 2015 we use a revised visual appearance for these labels. Whether your product is marked with the new or the old label – the quality of our products remains as high as ever.

Item no: 1058
Pair of Chisels, skew, cranked

Pair of Chisels, skew, cranked, hornbeam handle, right and left
1058012 - 12 mm
1058020 - 20 mm
1058026 - 26 mm

Item no: 1059
Chisel with pointed edge, cranked

Chisel with pointed edge, cranked with hornbeam handle
1059012 - 12 mm
1059020 - 20 mm
1059026 - 26 mm

Item no: 3442
Carving tool set with DVD, in wooden box

Only the best for the season!

What should I give to my loved ones? This is by far the most frequently heard question for Christmas. For all carving enthusiasts we recommend this year our eleven-piece carving set including the instructional DVD „grinding and sharpening“. Exquisite tools in a fine packaging are just the thing for winter carving!

11 pieces, 1 each of:
3201: 8 mm, 3202: 10 mm, 3208 6, 8 mm, 3239: 6 mm, 3247: 2mm, 3351, 3353, 3356, 3358, 3707: 80x30 mm

DVD „grinding and sharpening“

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