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Our aims are quality products for you. Products that give you pleasure and provide positive experiences. The satisfaction of our customers - in everything we do - is the guideline for our actions.

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Since 1858 - over 155 years family owned - the company Wilh. Schmitt & Comp. GmbH & Co. KG in Remscheid produces high quality woodworking tools with factory brand ››TWO CHERRIES‹‹, the symbol for the full maturity of the products. Even today our wide range is manufactured by hand mainly and is available from qualified dealers.

New »TWO CHERRIES« Handles

For decades, we have been providing the handles of our chisels with a lacquer coating. Thus, no moisture penetrates into the wood and the handles remains in a faultless condition for a very long time.

Thanks to a new technology, we have recently been able to significantly reduce the lacquer application while at the same time protecting the handles just as well as before.

For us, it is particularly important that you will be able to see and feel the wood of your chisel handle even more directly in the future. The new finish feels particularly natural and is even better in the hand. Best conditions for working with our chisels. The reactions of woodworking professionals from all over the world have inspired us so far, and we hope that this innovation will soon be a good thing for you.

By the way: The reduction of the lacquer application and the new formula also conserve the natural resources and thus the environment.

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